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El Día interviews Socos Dúo on the occasion of our concert next Sunday at 12:00 in Teatro Timanfaya, organized by Cultural Association Reyes Bartlet. Learn more about our ideas and projects.

You can read it clicking in Difunde Cultura Canarias


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On the occasion of musical program Canarias Suena , Radio3 Extra,  arose the idea of combining the sounds of Socos Duo with GAF in some of the themes of his album Sunriser. Here is the first installment, tropical environments to let go …


Gente Radio has been interested in the upcoming concert Socos Duo occasion of the ‘Matinee Concerts’

Listen to the interview in Spanish here:

Ciro Hernández (cello) and César Martín (marimba), will play the tracks on the album ‘These times we are living’ this Sunday at Puerto de la Cruz.

Next Sunday, February 8, at noon, will begin Socos Duo concert in “Matinee concerts” in  ‘Teatro Timanfaya‘ , Puerto de la Cruz. This new event is organized by the Reyes Bartlet Cultural Association  and ticket sales will go to education projects that this association develops.

10896880_785527454817720_5041126090367957095_nOn this occasion, Ciro Hernandez cello and Cesar Martin in the marimba, perform a repertoire that “starts from the compositions of Villa-Lobos in the 30s, through the 70s with Piazzolla, until today. It is a strong commitment to the music of our time, evoking the current, transporting us to a world of sensations that can be felt and perceived in the environment. “In addition to these issues for their first job, will include pieces like ‘Grow’, composed by Hernández, or ‘Desperation & Dream’ by Martin, which will be collected on the second disc that will start recording in the coming months.

The Reyes Bartlet Cultural Association, is a non profit organization with the aim of spreading the culture in general and music in particular. His projects include: the Coral Reyes Bartlet, David Goldsmith Youth Choir and Choir School of Puerto de la Cruz and Creation Project Choral Public Schools. Since 2003 organize the Festival of Early Music and Baroque Puerto de la Cruz.

Román Delgado will present this Friday, January 30th, his second book, Polychrome, in one of the most important cultures centers in Tenerife, the Instituto de Estudios Hispánicos in Puerto de la Cruz. Polychrome is a publication edited by Cathaysa and illustrated by artist Gervasio Cabrera.

The presentation will be from 19.30 at Quintana street, 18, in Puerto de la Cruz. In this event Hector Ruiz returns to narrate the texts of Policromía with Socos Duo (César Martín, marimba and Hernández Ciro Hernández, cello). Also participating Gervasio Cabrera and the journalists Salvador García and Olga Álvarez.


The journalist Roman Delgado presents his second book, ‘Polychrome’, in the town where he was born, Los Realejos


Delgado Román García will present this Friday, December 19th, his second book, Polychrome, in the neighborhood where he was born, La Montaña. Polychrome is a publication edited by Cathaysa and illustrated by artist Gervasio Cabrera.

The presentation will be from 19.00 at the headquarters of the Neighborhood Association of San Cayetano, in that section of Los Realejos. In this event Hector Ruiz returns to narrate the texts of Policromía with Socos Duo (César Martín, marimba and  Hernández Ciro Hernández, cello). Also participating Gervasio Cabrera and Vicente González Mesa.

Policromía, el nuevo libro de Román Delgado

Polychrome, by Román Delgado

The journalist, geographer and professor of communication Delgado Román García (Los Realejos -Tenerife-, 1968) presented on Thursday November 27 his second book, called Polychrome, a publication edited by Cathaysa containing a selection of stories and other texts designed “to from urgency “press working.

The book will take its first steps promotional in the ceremony scheduled on Thursday November 27 at the headquarters of Equipo Para (La Marina, 4, Santa Cruz de Tenerife) It will be from 8 pm and will be attended by Juan Manuel Pardellas and Nana García, plus Gervasio Cabrera, the illustrator of the book.

After the initial part, it will pass to the account of a selection of texts Policromía, which will be narrated by Héctor Ruiz Verde, action shall be inserted with the music of Socos Duo, with César Martín (marimba) and Ciro Hernández (cello).

The infiltration process is almost complete, as Ear Conditioning are amp’d to announce we have struck a partnership with Finetunes Media Services of Germany.

What does that mean?

It signifies that somebody at Finetunes has faith in our vision, and we appreciate that. It means the label’s output will now be available via most of the worthy digital download and streaming outlets on the internets. You know, such as iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify even. We have a home with a distribution service that handles the goods for labels we respect, such as City Slang and Honest Jons. That can’t be bad can it?

As of 10th October our two initial releases, Socos Dúo with their debut album ‘These Times We Are Living’ and KingLMan’s ‘Vultures’ Bazaar’ EP from label head D.WattsRiot will be occupying a spot in the digital domain.

Socos Dúo ‘fuse classical with experimental to create hypnotically beautiful music’, while KingLMan stradles bass, dub, electronica in an attempt to be at peace with an upside down world, as Eduardo Galeano would say.

Both artists are readying new material to follow-up, but for now dig what is there, two distinctly different points of view that share common and distinct elements, if that makes sense.

Apr 28


We had the opportunity to appear in Mapa Sonoro,  in La 2, RTVE. It’s a musical program with the look of a road movie that tracks the most exciting proposals on the current scene through a character who is never seen, but that takes center stage with his voiceover. It is a program focused on quality independent music .Thank you to our manager Dave Watts (D.WattsRiot, KingLMan) and Ear Conditioing and all the Goroka team for this awesome moment.

(Socos Dúo min 25:30)

Here we was, in our album presentation at Auditorio de Tenerife. Great night with a lovely public. They gave us a a big round of applause for the work that we have done up to now. For us is a compromise to continue, a motive to keep fighting. We are extremely grateful with all the people, not to mention our team… They are awesome! Thank you!

Photos by Aaron S. Ramos

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